13. Meeting an Actor at the Movie (A)

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Before Mike and Maria were living together, they went out on dates every weekend. Mike was still getting to know Maria. Mike and Maria found they had a lot in common. Mike loved going to movies, and so did Maria. Maria loved listening to music from the sixties, and so did Mike. Over time, Mike had become good friends with Maria.

They constantly talked over the phone and sent messages to each other by phone. When the weekend came along, they would go out on the town. Mike and Maria were inseparable when they were together. One of their favorite things to do as a couple was to go to the theaters. The movie theater was a big attraction around town.

The name of the theater in Pasadena was the ArcLight Cinemas. It was a famous theater where plenty of celebrities would sometimes visit. Mike and Maria once spotted a famous actor at the ArcLight getting popcorn. When Maria asked Mike if they should try approaching him, Mike answered no. Mike changed his mind when he realized it was one of his favorite comedy actors. He told Maria who it was, but Maria already knew. The two of them decided to walk up to him and say a friendly hello.

13. Meeting an Actor at the Movie (B)