12. Hot Cocoa (B)

Maria: I'm sorry, Mike, but we have no cocoa and no milk to make hot cocoa.

Mike: Say it isn't so, Maria! Hot cocoa was my last hope. I don't know what I'm going to do now.

Maria: Why don't you go and buy the milk and cocoa, and when you come back I'll make it for you.

Mike: That sounds like a great idea! Thank you, Maria. I will be back in a jiffy.

Maria: Do you know which store to go to?

Mike: No, I do not. Where should I go? What store is even open at this hour?

Maria: Go to the Walmart Super Center. It's open twenty-four hours.

Mike: Good idea. Where is it exactly?

(Maria wrote down the directions on a piece of paper.)

Maria: You can't miss it. It's right next to the park. The place is gigantic. Try not to get lost.

Mike: Alright! Thanks, honey. Wish me luck!

(Mike put on his shoes and pants and hurried off to the store. On arrival he was greeted by a young Walmart employee.)

Walmart Employee: Good evening, sir. Welcome to Walmart.

Mike: Hi. Can you tell me in what aisle I can find cocoa?

Walmart Employee: That's going to be on Aisle 5. Go straight that way, and it should be on your right.

Mike: Thanks, kid.

(Mike quickly found the cocoa and grabbed a gallon of milk. He paid for them and drove back home.)

Mike: Maria, I'm back, and I have the ingredients. Can you make it for me now?

Maria: You are such a child, sometimes. Give me that!

(Maria grabbed the gallon of milk and the cocoa. She went to the kitchen and made the best hot cocoa Mike ever had in his life.)

Mike: Wow, this tastes amazing. How did you make this?

Maria: With milk and cocoa. What else?

Mike: Thank you, Maria. You're the best!

Maria: You're welcome. Now go to sleep already.

(Mike drank the drink and it made him feel drowsy. The hot cocoa had calmed him and made him feel comfortable. He fell asleep almost instantly upon laying down on the bed.)