12. Hot Cocoa (A)

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Mike was having a hard time sleeping one night. He tossed and turned in every direction. No matter how many times he tried, he could not find a comfortable position. Maria lay next to him and had a hard time going to sleep herself due to Mike's constant movement in bed. Mike tried everything to help himself go to sleep. Nothing seemed to work.

The next day, Mike felt so tired during work. He had a hard time staying awake at his desk. His boss even noticed how tired he was and made a sly remark at him. "Mike, I'm paying you to work, not to sleep," his boss said. Mike felt embarrassed hearing his boss's comment. He could not wait to go home and sleep.

That same night, Mike lay in bed and had the same problem. Although he had taken a nap when he arrived back from work, he still had a hard time falling asleep at night. "What should I do, Maria?" he pleaded to his girlfriend. Maria suggested he make himself some hot cocoa. He asked Maria if she would mind making him some.

Maria at first said no to his request, but after he started moving around again, she got up and went to the kitchen. If Mike could not go to sleep, neither could she. She gasped in horror when she opened the kitchen cabinet to discover there was no more cocoa. She opened her fridge and there was no milk, either. She walked back into the bedroom and told Mike the bad news.

12. Hot Cocoa (B)