11. Meeting the Neighbor (B)

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Man: Hello? Who's there?

Maria: It's your next-door neighbors! We recently moved into the neighborhood, and we just wanted to say hello.

(Maria looked at Mike and gave him the stink eye. Mike got the hint.)

Mike: Yes, hello! How do you do?

Man: Fine, thank you.

(The man had not opened his door entirely. Mike and Maria had not seen what he looked like. By the sound of his voice, he sounded old)

Maria: Is this a bad time?

Mike: Because if it is, we can simply leave you alone.

Man: No, I'm sorry. I'm just a little surprised. It has been two months since you two moved in the neighborhood and you're barely getting around to saying hello. I thought you two were not the friendly type.

(Maria blushed.)

Maria: I'm sorry we did not come by earlier. We had been meaning to, but we've been both really busy. I hope you can understand.

Man: You two do not seem busy on the weekends by the looks of it.

Mike: How do you know that?

Man: I could see into your living room from upstairs room.

(Mike blushed this time.)

Mike: Sir, don't you think that's a bit invasive of you to look through our windows from your room?

Man: Relax, sonny, I'm just an old man who gets a little curious from time to time.

(The man steps out his front door to introduce himself.)

Man: Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Theodore. I'm a retired schoolteacher, and I have ten years living here in my humble dwelling.

Mike: Nice to meet you, Theodore. My name is Mike.

Maria: And my name is Maria.

(Mike, Maria, and Theodore get better acquainted over the next twenty minutes. Maria was glad to finally meet their next-door neighbor.)