11. Meeting the Neighbor (B)


Man: Hello? Who's there?
Maria: It's your next-door neighbors! We recently just moved in the neighborhood and we just wanted to say hello.
(Maria looked at Mike and gave him the stink eye. Mike got the hint.)
Mike: Yes, hello! How do you do?
Man: Fine, thank you.
(The man had not opened his door entirely. Mike and Maria had not seen what he looked like. By the sound of his voice, he sounded old)
Maria: Is this a bad time?
Mike: Because if it is, we can simply leave you alone.
Man: No, I'm sorry. I'm just a little surprised. It has been two months since you two moved in the neighborhood and you're barely getting around to saying hello. I thought you two were not the friendly type.
(Maria blushed)
Maria: I'm sorry we did not come by earlier. We had been meaning to, but we've been both really busy. I hope you can understand.
Man: You two do not seem busy on the weekends by the looks of it.

Mike: How do you know that?
Man: I could see into your living room from upstairs room.
(Mike blushed this time)
Mike: Sir, don't you think that's a bit invasive of you to look through our windows from your room?
Man: Relax, sonny, I'm just an old man who gets a little curious from time to time.
(The man steps out his front door to introduce himself.)
Man: Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Theodore. I'm a retired school teacher and I have ten years living here in my humble dwelling.
Mike: Nice to meet you, Theodore. My name is Mike.
Maria: And my name is Maria.
(Mike, Maria, and Theodore get better acquainted over the next twenty minutes. Maria was glad to finally meet their next-door neighbor.)


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