11. Meeting the Neighbor (A)

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It was a bright and sunny day in the city of Pasadena. The wind made the trees sway back and forth outside the happy couple's apartment. The neighborhood where they lived was peaceful. Mike and Maria were enjoying a Sunday afternoon in the comfort of their cozy, one-bedroom apartment. Despite having two months living there, Mike and Maria had yet to meet any of their neighbors.

Maria once brought up the issue to Mike one night. Mike simply brushed the matter aside. He was content being left alone with Maria. He did not feel the need to interact with any strangers. Maria felt otherwise. She suggested the idea of going to their neighbor's house one day and knocking on their front door. Mike thought this was a terrible idea. He did not want to intrude on anybody's time. Maria tried convincing him that a friendly greeting is not intrusive.

After much effort, Mike finally budged. He agreed to go meet the neighbors one day. It was that sunny afternoon on a Sunday that Maria remembered Mike's promise. She reminded Mike of the promise he had made. Since they were not doing anything that day, she told him now would be a good time to go meet the neighbors.

Mike had completely forgotten about the conversation and let out a reluctant groan. "Do we have to, Maria? How about we do it next week?" he said. "No, we could do it today, right now," she replied. Maria went to the bedroom to quickly put on her shoes. She came back with Mike's shoes as well and threw them in front of him. He reluctantly put them on. Maria pulled Mike off the couch and dragged him all the way to their neighbor's front door. She rang the doorbell. A man answered the door.

11. Meeting the Neighbor (B)