10. Steakhouse Dinner (B)

Mike: You look beautiful tonight.

Maria: Thank you. You don't look bad yourself, either.

Mike: I like the scent of the perfume you're wearing. What is it?

Maria: You really like it? Thank you for noticing it. It's called Scent of a Woman. I just got it by mail a few days ago. I bought it just for this occasion.

Mike: How did you hear about it?

Maria: My friend suggested it to me. I like the cologne you're wearing. What is it called?

Mike: It's called Scent of a Man. I wear it every day.

Maria: I've never heard of that cologne. Is it new? How long have you had it?

Mike: I've had it all my life. I'm surprised you're just noticing it. I go to sleep wearing it, and I wake up still smelling like it.

(Mike started to smile. It was one of his jokes. Maria finally realized he was kidding.)

Maria: Mike, you are such a jokester! That is not funny. I was actually trying to compliment you on how you smell. You're really not wearing any cologne tonight?

Mike: Nope. So are you ready to have some steak?

Maria: Do I really have to, Mike?

Mike: You will love it. I guarantee it.

(Maria and Mike look at the menu. The waiter comes and takes their order. Their food is soon brought to them. They both get their steaks well done.)

Mike: This looks delicious. What do you think of your plate?

Maria: It looks presentable. I hope it tastes as good as it looks.

Mike: There's only one way to find out.

(Mike and Maria take their first bites, savoring every moment of the meal.)

Mike: That really hit the spot.

Maria: I think I like eating steak, now.

Mike: I was sure you would like it. And I was correct! No need to thank me, Maria.

Maria: I'm so full. I feel like I'm ready to burst.

(The waiter brings the check to their table. Mike takes one look at it and his eyes widen up.)