10. Steakhouse Dinner (A)

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Mike and Maria had made a dinner reservation at a steakhouse for Saturday at seven o'clock. They both were looking forward to it. It had been a while since Mike had last eaten steak. Maria, on the other hand, was not too excited. She had only had steak once, and it was not too pleasant. Mike was determined to make Maria like steak as much as he did. Maria did not think that Mike would succeed in changing her liking. The day of the steakhouse dinner arrived.

It was the middle of the afternoon when Mike and Maria were both out getting things for the apartment. Mike needed to go fetch some light bulbs, and Maria had to get some toilet paper. Instead of going together, they decided to go separately. It was a game they played where the winner would be the one who came back home first. Mike usually would be the winner. Maria tended to get distracted while at stores.

Mike came back home before Maria did, as usual. Maria had run into a friend at the store. She had not seen her since high school. Maria could not believe that she remembered her when they bumped into each other. Maria asked her if she would want to get together to catch up. Her friend said yes, and they exchanged cell phone numbers. Maria told Mike all about the occurrence when she returned. Mike felt glad for Maria.

He was concerned more about their plans later on. Maria told Mike she would start getting ready soon. Mike was already calling the steakhouse to confirm their reservation at seven. Soon, they were both out the door, dressed, and ready to eat. Maria wore her black dress. Mike wore a collared shirt with dress pants. They entered the restaurant and were quickly seated.

10. Steakhouse Dinner (B)