9. Dinner Reservation (B)

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Employee: Hello, how can I help you?

Mike: Hi. I would like to make a dinner reservation for two for this upcoming Saturday.

Employee: Let me see if we have any openings on that evening.

Mike: Alright, then.

Employee: Is seven o'clock okay, sir?

Mike: Can we do eight instead?

Employee: No, I'm sorry. We are all booked after eight o'clock.

Mike: Seven o'clock is fine, then.

Employee: Can I have your name, please?

Mike: Mike Smith.

Employee: Alright, Mr. Smith. I have you for dinner for two this Saturday at 7:00

p.m. Is this correct?

Mike: Yes, thank you.

Employee: Okay. Thank you for calling. We look forward to seeing you this Saturday.

Have a good night.

Mike: Likewise.

(Maria walks into the living room where Mike was. She had gone to the restroom while Mike was making the dinner reservation.)

Maria: Did you make the reservation?

Mike: No, they were all booked.

(Mike subtly smirks.)

Maria: You're lying, aren't you?

Mike: Yes, I am. We have a reservation for two at seven o'clock this Saturday.

Maria: Seven at night, right?

Mike: No, we're having breakfast.

Maria: Stop with your lies already! You're not funny.

(Mike and Maria start laughing.)

Mike: So, what are you going to wear?

Maria: Maybe a dress.

Mike: Which one?

Maria: The one you like.

Mike: I like all your dresses.

Maria: The one I wore on our second date.

Mike: I remember that one. I love that dress.

Maria: Do you remember what color the dress was?

Mike: Sure, I do. It was black.

Maria: You have a pretty good memory.

Mike: How can I ever forget?

Maria: What are you wearing?

Mike: I'm not sure yet. Do you want to decide on what to wear?

Maria: Sure. Let's go to the bedroom closet.