9. Dinner Reservation (A)

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Mike and Maria had been living together in their apartment for one month already. To commemorate this event, they decided to go out and have a special dinner. Since Mike worked during the week, and Maria went to school and worked as well, they planned it for the weekend. Mike and Maria had not decided on where to go yet. Maria had suggested a restaurant. Mike asked her which one. She did not have a specific location in mind.

Maria suggested that they look on the internet to search for restaurants. Mike thought it was a good idea and opened his laptop. Mike turned on his laptop and went on Google to make a search. Mike always searched for information on Google; it never failed to provide good results. Mike asked Maria what he should search. Maria told him to search for nearby restaurants. Mike said to be more specific. Mike tried searching fine-dining restaurants. He got hundreds of results.

He stumbled upon a steakhouse located a few miles north of where they lived. Mike asked Maria for her opinion. Maria was not a big fan of steak. She told Mike this. Mike was astonished by her statement. What surprised him the most was the fact that he had not known this about her. "Have you even tried it"? Mike asked. She answered, "Only once."

After that, Mike settled on going to the steakhouse. He wanted to attempt to make Maria like steak. Mike had been a big steak lover. Maria was not enthusiastic about eating steak, but Mike insisted that she give it one more chance. She agreed on condition that Mike try a favorite food of hers the next time. Mike agreed to this compromise. He picked up the phone and called to make a reservation.

9. Dinner Reservation (B)