8. Drive-Thru Visit (B)

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Employee: Welcome to McDonald's. How can I help you?

Maria: Hi. Are you guys serving breakfast, right now?

Employee: We stop serving breakfast at eleven a.m.

Maria: That's right, I forgot. I'll just have a…

Employee: We currently have a buy-one, get-one-free special on Big Macs.

Maria: Oh, do you? Does it come with fries and a drink?

Employee: No, it's only the burger.

Maria: Maybe another time. Can I have a minute to look over your menu?

Employee: Let me know when you are ready to place your order.

Maria: Okay, thank you.

(Maria looked over the menu. She saw the different hamburgers that were on the menu wall. Suddenly, her cell phone started to ring. It was Mike.)

Maria: Hello, Mike?

Mike: Maria, I'm sorry I'm not home yet. I just finished filing the documents, and I'm on my way home. What are you doing?

Maria: I'm about to order some food at McDonald's.

Mike: Maria, why are you eating there? Don't you know eating fast-food is unhealthy?

Maria: I know. But I haven't eaten here in a long time. Plus, I'm really hungry, and it was the closest place that was open.

Mike: Fine, but it better be the last time you eat there. There are better options to choose from other than McDonald's.

Maria: Fine. This will be the last time I eat fast-food.

Mike: Thank you, dear.

Maria: Have you eaten yet? Are you hungry?

Mike: No, I haven't; I sure am.

Maria: Do you want me to get you anything from McDonald's?

Mike: Well, since you're already there… Get me a medium number one with an apple pie. Make sure to tell them no pickles. They always forget to leave out the pickles.

Maria: Okay, dear. See you when you get home.