15. Buying a Cake (A)

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Mike was turning twenty-five next month. Maria wanted to throw a party for him in celebration, but Mike felt he was too old for those kinds of things. Maria insisted that he allowed her. After much resistance, Maria "agreed" not to. Mike believed her. Little did he know, Maria planned to surprise him by throwing a birthday party for him to discover when he came back home from work.

Maria began to make phone calls. She called Mike's best friend Doug, along with other friends from work, to help make the event. Maria even invited the next-door neighbor, Theodore. Everyone she invited said yes to attend the party. Maria planned it to take place on a Friday, one day before his birthday. She told everyone to arrive at 1:00 p.m. to help set up the banners and balloons.

Maria was really excited. She asked Doug if he could help buy the balloons and banners for the party, to which he said yes. All Maria had to buy was the birthday cake. She went to a local bakery to order the cake. She had to make sure not to make Mike suspect a thing.

When she went out to the bakery, Mike was in the apartment napping on the couch. She snuck towards the front door, hoping not to wake Mike up. As soon as Maria opened the door, Mike awoke from his sleep.

15. Buying a Cake (B)