15. Buying a Cake (B)

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Mike: Where are you going, honey?

Maria: Out for a walk. I'll be back soon.

Mike: Out for a walk? What for?

Maria: I'm trying to start exercising. I want to lose ten pounds.

Mike: You don't need to lose weight. You look perfectly fine to me.

Maria: Thank you. But I really want to fit into these pants I bought at the store the other day.

Mike: Why are you taking your bag with you?

Maria: I… I'm walking to the store. I might as well go and get some things for the apartment while I'm exercising.

Mike: Okay. Can you get me something from the store?

Maria: Sure. What do you want?

Mike: I want some candy. No wait, I want some potato chips.

Maria: Alright. I'll bring a bag of potato chips.

Mike: Maria, wait just a minute! On second thought, just get me a creme soda.

Maria: Are you sure that's what you want?

Mike: You know what? I changed my mind. I don't want anything anymore. Be careful out there!

Maria: I will, thanks. See you when I get back.

(Maria paced into her car and drove off quietly. She had hoped Mike had not noticed her sly getaway.)

Maria: That was a close one. Note to self: go out the back door the next time I want to sneak out of the apartment.

(Maria arrived at the bakery and ordered Mike's birthday cake.)

Maria: Hello, can I please have chocolate cake made.

Baker: A chocolate cake? Alright then. What size do you want it?

Maria: What sizes do you offer?

Baker: We have small, medium, large, and extra-large.

Maria: How big is extra-large compared to the large?

(The baker showed Maria a box. The box was huge.)

Maria: Is that large?

Baker: That is extra-large.

Maria: I'll go with just the large.

Baker: Anything else for you today?

Maria: No, thank you.

Baker: Your cake will be ready by tomorrow. Is that fine?

Maria: Yes, that's fine. Thank you.

(Maria paid the total amount, and drove back home. Lucky for her, Mike was sound asleep when she went through the front door.)