16. Mike's Birthday Party (A)

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Mike's surprise birthday party was tomorrow. Maria had made all the arrangements. The cake was being held at the bakery ready for pick-up. She had invited a dozen people to the party. Doug, Mike's best friend, had bought the balloons and the banners. All that was left to do was wait for Friday evening. Maria was at home cleaning the house when Mike arrived home from work.

Mike walked in through the door in a good mood. He walked up to Maria, who was cleaning the kitchen and gave her a peck on the cheek. "You're in good mood tonight," Maria said in response to his action. Mike smiled and picked her off her feet. "Mike, put me down! I'm trying to clean," she cheerfully protested. Mike put her down and walked away humming a happy tune. Maria wondered why Mike was in high spirits.

She asked him and Mike said, "No particular reason." Maria hoped he had not found out about his surprise party tomorrow. Mike wandered off to his room and took off his work clothes. He slipped into his pajamas, which consisted of shorts, socks, and a white t-shirt. Mike sat down on the couch in the living room. Maria finished cleaning the kitchen for tomorrow, and joined Mike in the living room watching television.

The night ended pleasantly. The next morning Maria said goodbye to Mike when he went to work. She immediately began getting things for the party. She called Doug over so he could bring the decorations. She went to the bakery and picked up the cake. At three o'clock the guest began to arrive. When Mike walked in through the door, everybody was hiding in the dark. As soon as Mike turned on the light, everybody shouted, "Surprise!"

16. Mike's Birthday Party (B)