16. Mike's Birthday Party (B)

16. Mike's Birthday Party (B)

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Mike: Oh, my god!
Everybody: Happy birthday, Mike!
(Mike looked around and saw all his friends wearing birthday hats.)
Mike: Whose idea was this? I'm looking at you, Maria.
Maria: I'm guilty. It was all my idea.
Mike: I told you not to, Maria. This was unnecessary. You guys did not have to go through all this trouble.
Doug: Are you kidding, Mike? You're our friend and a great guy. If anybody deserves a birthday party, it's you, buddy.
Mike: Thank you, Doug. And thank you everybody for being here. It really means a lot to me. Thank you, Maria, for arranging all this. You are everything a guy could ask for, and much more.
(Mike hugs Maria, and then everybody swoons at them)
Mike: Let's eat some cake!
Maria: I bought your favorite, chocolate cake.
Mike: You know me so well, Maria. Thank you.
Maria: Before we eat it, we have to light the candle and sing Happy Birthday.

Mike: That's alright. I'm sure everybody just wants to eat some cake, already.
Maria: Mike, it's a tradition! You have to blow out the candles.
Doug: Come on, Mike, don't you want to make a wish?
(Mike agrees and Maria lights twenty-five candles on the cake.)
Maria: On the count of three, everybody starts singing Happy Birthday. One, two, happy birthday to you!
(Everybody joyously sings along and Mike blows out the candles.)
Maria: Did you make a wish?
Mike: Yes. But I can't tell you or else it won't come true.
Doug: You'd better have wished for a million dollars, Mike.
Mike: I wished for something better.
Doug: What could be better than a million dollars? Did you wish for two million dollars?
Mike: Better than that!
(Mike wished for him and Maria to stay together for the rest of their lives.)


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