17. Left out in the Rain (A)

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It was a cloudy day in the city of Pasadena. Mike was feeling under the weather. He was coughing and sneezing at work. When his boss noticed his condition, he sent him home. Mike coughed and sneezed all the way home. When he parked his car in the driveway, the rain began to fall. He ran to his front door and struggled to find his keys.

He searched through all his pockets, but the keys were nowhere to be found. Mike ran back inside his car to escape the rain. He was soaked in rain. Mike called Maria on his cell phone. The phone rang for a few seconds and then Maria picked up. "Maria, I'm locked out of the apartment. I think I lost my keys," Mike said, sounding sick. Maria was coming home from school and said she would be home in thirty minutes.

"Hold on tight," she said to Mike over the phone. Mike was feeling terrible and wanted to get out of his wet clothes. He was afraid he would get sicker if he didn't. He looked out his car window and saw his neighbor in his house through his window. He made the decision to go and knock on his door. He waited for the rain to settle, but it kept falling at a high rate.

After a few minutes he quickly ran out his car door and raced towards Theodore's front porch. Mike was unable to avoid the rain and got even more soaked. He reached the door in fifteen seconds and immediately pounded on the door. Theodore walked up the front door and peeked through his peephole. What he saw gave him quite a shock. It was a drenched Mike who was coughing and sneezing. He opened the door right away and let him inside.

17. Left out in the Rain (B)