17. Left out in the Rain (B)

17. Left out in the Rain (B)

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Theodore: Mike, you're soaked in rain. What happened to you?
Mike: I'm locked out of my apartment. Achoo!
(Mike sneezes.)
Theodore: You're also sick? You chose a bad time to get caught in the rain. Where did you lose your keys?
Mike: I have no clue. I had them with me when I left to work in the morning.
Theodore: You most likely left them at your job. That seems to be the only explanation.
Mike: You're probably right. How could I forget the keys to my own apartment?
Theodore: There is no point in feeling bad about it now. There's nothing you can do about it.
Mike: You're right, Theodore.
Theodore: You can call me Theo if you want. That's what my friends call me.
(Mike gives a grin.)
Mike: Theo, do you have some dry clothes I can change into?
Theodore: Let me go look in my closet. I'll be back in a second.
(Theodore soon came back with some clothes and a towel.)

Theodore: I found some of the clothes I used to wear when I was younger man. I hope they fit you. Let me show you where the restroom is. You can change in there.
(Mike dries himself and puts on the dry clothes.)
Mike: Thanks, Theo. I appreciate it.
(Mike sneezes again.)
Theodore: You must have a cold. Let me fix you something hot to drink. You can take a seat in the living room in the meantime.
Mike: Thank you, Theo. You are too kind.
(Mike sits down on a chair and waits for Theodore.)
Theodore: Here you go, Mike. I made some hot chocolate for you.
Mike: Thank you.
Theodore: Where's Maria?
Mike: She's on her way home from school. She should be arriving in a minute.
(Mike and Theodore continue to talk until Maria came back home.)


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