18. Power Outage (A)

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Maria was on her way home from school. Mike had called her telling her he was locked out of the house. She was about twenty minutes away from the apartment. It was raining like there was no tomorrow, and Maria had to drive a little slower because of it. Maria did not like this kind of weather. As Maria was driving home, she had the radio on. She was listening to talk radio.

There was not a lot of traffic on the road, so Maria was able to arrive sooner than she had expected. Maria pulled up to the driveway and saw Mike's car parked. She noticed that he was not in the car. She parked her car on the curb and called Mike on her cell phone. "Where are you?" she asked over the phone. Mike told her of what had happened, and that he was at the neighbor's house. Maria said she was unlocking the door, and that it was safe to come home now.

The rain had stopped falling. The clouds in the sky had not cleared. Maria turned off her car and got out of it. She walked towards her apartment, avoiding puddles along the way. She made her way into the apartment. Mike arrived shortly after, wearing the clothes the neighbor had given him. "You look nice," Maria said to Mike when he came in through the door.

He laughed and told Maria about what had happened. The two of them went into the kitchen and sat down at the table. A few minutes later the rain came back. Mike and Maria looked out the window. Lightning struck the sky and the sound of thunder followed. All of a sudden, the lights throughout the apartment went out. Mike and Maria were looking at each other with eyes wide open. It was going to be dark soon.

18. Power Outage (B)