18. Power Outage (B)

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Maria: Could you believe what just happened?

Mike: Are you scared?

Maria: No, I'm just a little worried.

Mike: We should get some candles and light them before nighttime comes.

Maria: That's a good idea.

Mike: Where are the candles at?

Maria: I think they are in the basement.

Mike: Do you want to get them?

Maria: I think you should get them instead.

Mike: I thought you said you weren't scared?

Maria: I'm not!

Mike: Why do you not want to go down to the basement if you're not scared?

Maria: Because I just don't want to.

(Mike looks at Maria with a smirk. She looks back at him with a similar expression.)

Mike: Alright, I'll go and get the candles.

Maria: Thank you. Be careful down there.

Mike: I'll be back before you know it. Don't worry.

(Mike goes down to the basement. He walks carefully down the steps. Thanks to some light from a small window, he is able to find the candles. He walks back upstairs with the candles.)

Mike: I have the candles, Maria.

Maria: Let me get the matches.

(Mike and Maria light candles and put them throughout the apartment.)

Mike: That's better.

Maria: I wonder when the lights are coming back.

Mike: I'm sure that by tomorrow everything will be back to normal.

Maria: Are you hungry?

Mike: I completely forgot about dinner time.

Maria: You want to order a large pizza?

Mike: Good idea.

Maria: Good thing we have cell phones.

Mike: You can say that again.

(Mike and Maria ordered a pizza and told each other ghost stories by candle light.)