19. Tiger the Cat (A)

There were always stray cats roaming about in the streets of Pasadena. Maria always noticed at least one of them whenever she stepped outside her apartment. Sometimes, she would call after them wanting to pet them. Mike once saw Maria petting a cat outside their apartment and told her to stop right away. "Maria, don't pet those things. You don't know where they have been," he scolded Maria.

Maria stopped petting the cat. Mike came closer and scared the animal away. Mike warned Maria of the dangers of ticks and fleas petting a stray cat might result in. "I'm sorry, Mike. I love cats," she said. Mike suggested to Maria that they should buy one at the pet store. Maria jumped at the idea and asked Mike if he was kidding around. Mike said he wasn't, and that he had wanted a pet, too. Maria asked if they could got to the pet shop today. Mike said okay, and they were off to the pet shop.

Maria was excited about getting a pet. She had always wanted to own a cat ever since she was a little girl. Her parents never allowed her to due to her brother being allergic to cats. She had a dog growing up instead, but it was not the same. There was something about cats that attracted Maria to them more than dogs. Cats are peaceful and clean. Maria could relate to them more than dogs. Mike, on the other hand, did not mind cats. He just wanted to make Maria happy. He knew getting a cat for Maria would make her happy. Mike and Maria were driving to the pet shop.

19. Tiger the Cat (B)