19. Tiger the Cat (B)

Maria: Thank you, Mike, for agreeing to get a cat. I'm so excited. I hope they have different kinds of cats.

Mike: What kind of cat would you like to get? I could only think of white and black cats.

Maria: There are different cat breeds just like there are dogs. You didn't know that?

Mike: Oh, really? That's interesting. I did not know that. How many breeds do you know?

Maria: Not too many. I could probably name ten.

Mike: Let's hear them.

Maria: Alright, let me think for a second. There's Bombay, Siamese, Snowshoe, Persian, and Ragdoll.

Mike: I counted only five. I thought you could name ten.

Maria: I could, but I just can't remember.

Mike: Which one would you like?

Maria: I would be happy with any kind.

Mike: Me too. We're almost there.

(Mike and Maria shortly arrive at the pet shop. They park in the parking lot and enter the pet shop.)

Maria: Wow, look at all different kinds of animals.

Mike: It smells pretty strange in here. Where are the cats?

Maria: Let's ask the pet shop worker.

(Maria and Mike ask where the cats are and are directed to a room where kittens are kept.)

Maria: Look, Mike, baby kittens. They are so cute. Can we take them all home with us?

Mike: I don't think we would have enough space for all of them. The apartment is barely able to fit us two.

Maria: How about two?

Mike: Let's just get one, Maria. I think it would be best.

Maria: Which one do you like?

Mike: I'll let you choose.

(Maria took her time deciding which cat to take home. After fifteen minutes of deliberation, she went to a small orange kitten.)

Maria: What do you think of this one, Mike? Isn't he cute?

Mike: Yeah, I like him. Are you sure that's the one you want?

Maria: If you like him, then I'm sure.

Mike: Alright. What's going to be the little guy's name?

Maria: How about Steven?

Mike: Steven? Isn't that a human name?

Maria: Why don't you name him?

Mike: Let's call him Tiger since he kind of looks like one.

Maria: Tiger. I like that.

(Mike and Maria took Tiger back to their apartment.)