20. A Flat Tire (A)

Maria and Mike were driving home from the pet shop. They had just purchased their very first pet. It was a white and orange cat which they named Tiger. Tiger was barely a kitten. Maria played with Tiger with her finger. She was happy Mike had agreed to get a cat. Maria had wanted to own a cat for as long as she could remember.

She was constantly reminded of this wish in the city of Pasadena. There were always cats lying about on Wilson Avenue. Tiger was a playful kitten. Mike could tell just by looking at Maria's interaction with him. "Thank you so much, Mike," Maria said. Mike told her not to thank him. He had wanted a pet, too, after all. "Why not a dog instead?" he asked Maria. Maria explained to him how cats were the better pet. She said cats were cleaner, nicer, quieter, and cuter.

Mike did not agree that cats were the better pet, but he chose not to argue with Maria. He did not want to ruin her happy mood. Mike asked her if they should go buy some cat food. Maria said they should. Mike turned around and drove towards the direction of the supermarket. After five minutes of driving, the car made a loud popping sound. Mike and Maria were surprised when they realized that one of their tires had popped. Mike parked his car on the side of the road and got out to see the damage.

20. A Flat Tire (B)