21. Buying a New Television (A)

Mike and Maria were sitting at home one Sunday afternoon. They were watching a movie together when all of a sudden, the television turned off. Mike did not know what to make of what had just happened. He looked at Maria and asked her if she had turned it off. Maria said she did not even have the remote control.

Mike checked to see if he was sitting on the remote control. Perhaps he had sat on it and accidentally pressed the off button He checked under him and there was nothing there. "Maybe the television got disconnected from the power outlet," Maria said. Mike stood up to check the back of the television. He inspected the cord that connected to the power outlet. The television was still connected.

"That's strange," Mike said. Maria told him to turn on the television. Mike turned on the television. The screen lit up and the movie they were watching came back on. Mike sat back down next to Maria on the couch. Maria told Mike that maybe the television was breaking. Mike refused to believe that possibility. He had owned that television for years, and it had always worked. In fact, it was the first and only television he had ever purchased. It was quite expensive, also.

"This television is indestructible," he told Maria. As soon as he finished his sentence the television turned off and made a crackling sound. Mike jumped to his feet when he noticed smoke coming out of the television. "My television!" Mike wailed. The old television had broken. Maria panicked a little when she saw the smoke. Mike immediately pulled the plug before anything else happened. He threw out the broken television in the thrash. Mike could not live without television. He asked Maria if she wanted to go with him and buy a new one. Maria said yes, and the two were off to the electronic store.

21. Buying a New Television (B)