21. Buying a New Television (B)

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(Mike and Maria enter the electronic store where they are greeted by a salesperson.)

Salesclerk: Good afternoon! How are you two doing today?

Mike: We're fine, thank you.

Maria: Good, how are you?

Salesclerk: I'm doing great. Are you two married?

Mike: No, not yet.

(Maria blushed.)

Salesclerk: How can I help you today?

Mike: Our television broke down today, and we are looking to buy a new one. Is your store having any specials for televisions today?

Salesclerk: Yes! We actually have a great deal for our best television. Let me show you. Follow me this way, please.

(Mike and Maria followed the man to the television section.)

Maria: Wow, look at all these televisions.

Mike: We don't want to buy an expensive television.

Salesclerk: Let me just show you our best television.

(Mike and Maria are shown the television. Mike is impressed by the size and sound of it.)

Salesclerk: For only a minimum down payment, you can take this beauty home today. What do you two say?

Mike: I really like it. But I think it's too much for our budget.

Maria: I agree with Mike. We're just looking for something more affordable.

Salesclerk: I hear what you two are saying. Let me show you our more reasonably priced televisions.

(The Salesclerk shows Mike and Maria an aisle of affordable televisions.)

Mike: This is more like it. Thank you.

Salesclerk: You are welcome. Please don't hesitate to ask me any questions. When you two are ready to buy a television, please let me know.

Mike: I think I want this one. What do you think, Maria?

Maria: It's inexpensive. I like it.

Mike: We'll take it.

(Mike and Maria purchased the affordable television.)