22. Maria Goes to the Supermarket (A)

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It was a Friday morning. Mike had gone to work at the office. Maria didn't have school today. Since she didn't have anything planned, Maria decided to stay in the apartment to get a head start on her homework for the weekend. She had an essay to complete and a math assignment as well. After an hour into her homework assignment, Maria realized she hadn't had breakfast. Her stomach began to grumble.

She walked over to the fridge and opened it. She wanted to make herself an omelet with hash browns but realized she didn't have any eggs. She also realized she was missing a few ingredients for the dinner she had planned to make. Mike and Maria were going to have steak and shrimp, but Maria forgot she needed their meal to be accompanied with a side of mashed potatoes. By noticing this, Maria had a bowl of cereal instead to satisfy her hunger, and then decided to make a trip to the nearest supermarket.

Before heading to the supermarket, Maria grabbed a pen and a notepad and started writing down a list of things she needed to buy. She then took a shower, put on some clothes, grabbed her purse, and headed towards the door. As Maria opened the door, she noticed it was raining outside and quickly grabbed an umbrella.

She walked down a few blocks and then turned left into her local supermarket. When inside, Maria began to walk down the aisles in search of things she needed to buy. She finally reached the last thing on her list, which was potatoes. While looking for the potatoes, Maria accidentally bumped into an employee working at the supermarket.

22. Maria Goes to the Supermarket (B)