23. Mike and Maria Have a Picnic (A)

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On a Saturday morning, Mike and Maria woke up and decided to clean their apartment. Maria worked on cleaning the kitchen, their clothes, and their bedroom. Mike worked on cleaning the living room, the bathroom, and sweeping and mopping the floors. While cleaning the bedroom, Maria found their old photo album hidden behind the dresser. It has old photos of them at their early stage of being together as a couple. There are pictures of them laughing, at the coffee shop Maria worked at, having fun in an arcade, and a picture of them out on a picnic.

The day began to grow hotter in the city of Pasadena. Mike and Maria were trying their best to stay cool. Mike was trying to fix their broken air conditioner, and Maria was in the kitchen making a cold pitcher of lemonade. Mike finally gave up on fixing the air conditioner and turned on two fans instead. Once they finished cleaning their apartment, they sat down to rest for a while.

Maria then decided to pull out the album she found to show to Mike. They both looked through the album together. "We look so happy," said Mike. Maria suddenly had an idea. "Hey, Mike. Why don't we go to the park and have a picnic? It'll be fun and maybe more refreshing than it is in here." Mike agreed. Maria made another pitcher of lemonade and Mike helped put a few sandwiches together. Once they had their picnic lunch ready, they put it into a basket, grabbed a blanket to sit on, and headed out the door.

On their way to the park, Mike and Maria decided to stop by the supermarket to buy strawberries, grapes, and chips to have for their picnic as well. When arriving at the park, Mike and Maria walked around and looked for a nice spot to sit at. They found a spot next to a tree under the shade. Mike grabbed their blanket and unfolded it onto their spot, and Maria set their basket on top.

23. Mike and Maria Have a Picnic (B)