23. Mike and Maria Have a Picnic (B)

Maria: It's nice out today, isn't it?

Mike: Yes, and it's definitely fresher here than it was at the apartment!

Maria: Remember the last time we had a picnic?

Mike: Yes, I do. It was one of the first few dates we had together.

Maria: I believe it was also the same day you fell into the pond while trying to feed the ducks. I couldn't help laughing. You looked so embarrassed.

Mike: I was embarrassed! I was afraid you'd think I was ridiculous.

(Maria laughs.)

Maria: You were!

Mike: I knew it!

(They both laugh. Then Mike pulls out two sandwiches from the basket.)

Mike: Here. There is another in the basket if you want it.

Maria: This sandwich tastes pretty good, Mike.

Mike: Thanks. I tried my best.

(They share the silence of the moment while they eat and watch a group of kids playing in the distance.)

Maria: I miss being a kid. Those kids over there look like they're having a lot of fun.

Mike: Same here.

(In the distance, a little boy accidentally kicks a ball towards Mike and Maria. The little boy runs over to get it. Mike grabs the ball and gives it to the boy.)

Boy: Thanks! Are you guys a couple?

Mike: You're welcome, and yes, we are.

Boy: That's great! You guys are funny-looking together.

(Mike and Maria laugh.)

Maria: Thank you.

Boy: Bye now!

(The boy runs off and Maria and Mike continue with their picnic.)