24. Going to the Amusement Park (A)

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It was Friday morning. Mike and Maria were getting ready for the day. Maria did not have school, and Mike got the day off from work. They had wanted to go to the amusement park for a while now and were finally going to go today. While Maria made breakfast, Mike was taking a shower.

Maria made French toast with bacon and strawberries on the side. When Mike finished showering, he got dressed and joined Maria for breakfast. "This tastes delicious!" said Mike. "Thanks!" Maria replied. Mike knew how expensive things can be at an amusement park. He thought it would be a good idea to make lunch to have while there. Mike loved going to amusement parks and sometimes told Maria about them and his experiences.

Maria had never been to an amusement park. From hearing about Mike's stories, Maria was both excited and nervous about all the big rides. They made several sandwiches, a fruit salad, and fruit punch. They also planned to take cookies and extra money in case of any emergencies or expenses.

Once they were ready, they headed out the door and drove off towards the amusement park. When arriving, they paid for a parking spot and headed towards the entrance of the amusement park. At the entrance, Mike and Maria paid for their admission tickets, and entered the amusement park.

24. Going to the Amusement Park (B)