24. Going to the Amusement Park (B)

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Maria: This is so exciting! What should we do first?

Mike: Let's grab a map and take a look.

(Mike and Maria head over towards an employee working at the amusement park.)

Mike: Hi. Do you have a map we can have?

Employee: I sure do! Here you go!

(The employee hands Mike and Maria a map.)

Employee: Have fun, and enjoy your stay! While you are here, don't forget to ride the Rapid Dragon roller coaster. It is our newest attraction. Also, if you have any more questions, feel free to ask.

Mike: Alright, sure thing. Thank you.

(The employee walks away.)

Mike: We should visit that ride the employee suggested.

Maria: I don't know. It sounds kind of scary. Maybe not right away.

Mike: Alright, Maria. I understand.

(Mike and Maria take a few minutes to read their map. Suddenly, Mike has an idea.)

Mike: Why don't we try riding the rides that seem less intimidating first, and then work our way to the bigger and scarier rides?

Maria: Alright. That sounds like a good idea.

(Mike and Maria begin walking around the amusement park until they come across a small roller coaster ride.)

Mike: How about this one?

Maria: Just as long as you're with me.

Mike: Don't worry. It should be fine. You'll love it!

(Mike and Maria wait in line for the ride.)

Maria: I'm nervous.

Mike: It is natural to be nervous. Don't worry, and don't think about it too much. Just try and enjoy yourself.

(Maria smiles and kisses Mike on his cheek. Their turn eventually arrives. They sit in the roller coaster cart, buckle their seat belts, and roll off.)

Maria: Hey. This isn't as bad as I thought.

Mike: I told you.

(Maria laughs. When the ride comes to an end, they get off their seats, and look at their map.)

Maria: What should we do next?

Mike: There is a ride where you sit on a raft and ride down a high and steep slope. Want to try that?

Maria: Sure!

(Mike and Maria head over to the ride, wait in line, get into one of the rafts, and slide down.)

Mike: Wasn't that fun?

Maria: Yes! Let's ride that one again!

Mike: Alright, but first let's eat our sandwiches. I'm getting hungry.

Maria: Alright. Maybe after this, we can ride the newest attraction!

Mike: Are you sure?

Maria: Definitely!