25. Monday Morning (A)

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It was a cool Monday morning. Mike was getting ready to go to work. Maria was still asleep. She had classes to go to later. It was six forty-five in the morning. Mike's usual routine involved showering, dressing, and eating a balanced breakfast. Mike was in step two of his process. His clothes were laid before the bed. Maria sometimes would iron his clothes the night before. Last night she was too tired to do this.

As soon as Mike got out of the shower, he had to iron his clothes himself. It was usually an easy task for Mike. Mike looked for the iron in the closet - the place where it was usually at. He searched carefully for it, but it was nowhere to be found. He figured Maria had misplaced it. He went over to the bed and called Maria. "Maria, honey, are you awake?" he said in a low voice. "Where did you put the iron?" he asked.

Maria did not move an inch. She seemed to be fully immersed in dreams. Mike noticed he was not getting through to her. He tried looking for the iron in the closet one more time, just to make sure it wasn't there. It still was not. He went to the bed and gently rocked Maria with his hand. "Maria, please wake up," he said a little louder than before. Maria responded this time. "You'd better have a good reason for waking me up, Mike," Maria said in a menacing voice. She was grumpy whenever someone woke her up in the early morning.

Mike had known this, but he needed to know where the iron was at. "Where is the iron, Maria?" he quickly asked. "It's in the closet," she answered. "No, it's not," he replied. Maria then remembered where the location of the iron was. "Check under the bed," she said and turned to her side. Mike poked his head under their bed, and found what he was looking for. He hurried and ironed his clothes for work. He then went to the kitchen and had a small bowl of cereal. Maria entered the kitchen and sat down with Mike.

25. Monday Morning (B)