30. A Trip to the Pharmacy (A)

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Maria's mother was visiting from San Diego, a city about 150 miles away. She was staying for the whole weekend. Her extended stay came as a surprise to Mike and Maria. They thought she was only visiting for one day like she had originally said over the telephone. When asked why she suddenly changed her plans, Maria's mother answered, "It was supposed to be a pleasant surprise." Mike and Maria were not at all pleased by her surprise.

They had made plans to spend the weekend together. Maria's mother, Janet, ruined their plans to be alone. It was two o'clock in the afternoon, and Janet was already getting on Mike's nerves. She had arrived a few hours ago, bringing plenty of luggage with her. "Mike, be a dear and take my luggage to your room. It's far too heavy for me to carry," Janet said to Mike. Mike could never say no to his hopefully future mother-in-law.

He felt obligated to do as he was told by her. "Of course, Janet, I'll be happy to help," Mike replied to Janet. Janet knew deep inside that Mike did not mean what he said. She still bossed him around. "After you take away my luggage, can you serve me a nice glass of water?" she asked Mike. "Yes," Mike simply replied this time. Mike and Janet had sort of an odd relationship.

On the one hand, Mike despised Janet's constant nagging and demands. On the other hand, Janet was Maria's mother. Maria loved her mother, and Mike knew he had to be nice to her. Mike had to take Janet to the pharmacy to pick up her prescription shortly after she arrived. Maria could not take her because she was preparing their dinner. Mike agreed to take her for Maria.

30. A Trip to the Pharmacy (B)