31. Dinner with Maria's Mother (A)

Maria was cooking roast beef with mashed potatoes. Mike arrived home with Maria's mother, Janet, and immediately recognized what was cooking in the kitchen. Mike walked in through the door in high spirits. "Maria, we're home!" he yelled, merrily. Janet walked in behind him and took a seat in the couch. All of a sudden, the house cat hopped on the couch next to Janet.

The cat noticed the new guest and rubbed himself on Janet's lap. "Who is this little guy?" Janet asked as she petted the cat across its back. The cat purred and enjoyed the attention Janet gave him. "His name is Tiger. I think he likes you," responded Mike. Tiger sat on Janet's lap and continued to purr as Janet scratched his ear. Mike smiled at their interaction. He then left Janet and the cat alone in the living-room and walked into the kitchen where Maria was still cooking dinner.

The food smelled even more delicious as soon as Mike stepped inside the room. "Hey Mike, the food will be ready in a few hours," she said. Mike sat down at the kitchen table and let out a loud sigh. "Your mother is exhausting to be around," he whispered quietly to Maria. Maria stopped what she was doing and walked over to where Mike was sitting. She kneeled herself down a little and gave Mike a kiss on the forehead.

She reminded him that she was only staying for a few days, and that they soon will be alone again. Mike found comfort in Maria's words. Dinner was served later. Mike, Maria, and Janet sat down to eat a typical American meal. Maria even served some left-over apple pie from a few days ago. Conversation soon began.

31. Dinner with Maria's Mother (B)