31. Dinner with Maria's Mother (B)

Janet: Maria, these mashed potatoes are to die for!

Maria: Thank you, Mom. I think yours are better, though.

Mike: Please pass the mashed potatoes over here.

(Maria passes the mashed potatoes to Mike. Mike serves himself.)

Mike: These are good! Maria is the best cook.

Janet: She learned from the best. Remember how I taught you how to make your first dishes, Maria?

Maria: I sure do. I was in my late teens when you first started teaching me how to cook.

Mike: I wish my mother would've taught me how to cook.

Janet: You should ask Maria to give you cooking lessons one of these days. Then you could cook for her for a change.

Mike: That sounds like a fun idea. What do you think of that, Maria?

Maria: Sure, why not? I'll teach you how to cook a few dishes.

Janet: We should do something as a group together tomorrow.

Maria: Like what?

Mike: Do you have any ideas, Janet?

Janet: Why don't we go to an antique shop?

Mike: That sounds interesting.

Maria: My mom loves antique shopping. Back home she has so many relics laying around the house.

Mike: I've always wanted to go to an antique shop.

Janet: There are several antique shops around Pasadena. Let's go tomorrow in the afternoon.

Mike: Alright, that sounds like a plan. What do you think, honey?

Maria: That does sound fun.

Janet: Are you two sure? I hope you hadn't made any other plans.

Mike: No, we hadn't. It's fine.

Maria: Don't worry, Mom. We were planning on staying home.

(Mike and Maria look at each other. They both know that they have lied. Their plan to spend the weekend alone has suddenly changed.)