33. Antique Shopping (A)


Mike was driving Maria and her mother to an antique shop. It was a Sunday afternoon and the sky was clear that day. There were many antique shops in the city of Pasadena. They had not made up their mind on which antique shop to visit. "Which antique shop would you guys like to go to?" Mike asked as he stopped at a red light.

Maria looked at her mother who was sitting in the back seat. "Did you hear what Mike asked, mom?" she asked her mom who was looking out the car window. Janet simply shrugged her shoulders and said, "I don't know. Which ever antique shop the two of you want to drive to is fine with me." Maria looked at Mike who was focusing on the road. "It looks like it's your call, Mike," she said to Mike. Mike did not say anything, sighed, and continued to drive. In his head, Mike thought of the nearest antique shop to drive to. "I know exactly which one to drive to," he finally said.

It was warm day in Pasadena. Maria began to sweat a little in her seat. "Mike, can you lower my window please?" Maria asked Mike. Mike looked in the interior rear view mirror and looked at Janet. "How are you doing back there, Janet? Are you also feeling warm?" Mike asked Janet, who answered, "I'm feeling a little warm." Mike lowered the windows in the car to let air in. "That's better, thanks," Maria said to Mike.

They soon arrived at the antique shop and parked in the parking lot. They exited the car and went inside the antique shop. When Mike stepped inside the shop, he was greeted with musk of old furniture. Maria stepped inside and noticed all the different things that were being sold. Janet right away began to look around the antique shop.


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