32. The Next Morning (B)

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Maria: Mom, did you clean the apartment?

Janet: Yes, I did. I figured it was the least I could do for the trouble you and Mike have gone through in accommodating my stay.

Maria: You didn't have to do that, Mom. But thank you.

Janet: Are you two ready to leave?

Maria: We're almost ready. Mike is just using the restroom. We may want to eat, first.

Janet: I could make you two some eggs and hash browns before we go.

Maria: No, Mom. That won't be necessary. I guess we'll just eat something later.

Janet: I insist, Maria. You can't stop me!

Maria: Can I at least help you so we could leave sooner?

Janet: Alright. I don't see why not.

(Maria and Janet whip up a few eggs and hash browns in under fifteen minutes. Mike walks into the kitchen after smelling the food from the living room.)

Mike: You two made breakfast? That was fast.

Janet: Sit down and eat, you two. I already ate, so don't you worry about me.

Maria: Are you sure, Mom?

Janet: Yes. Now eat so we could leave already.

Mike: Alright, if you say so. I'm starving.

(Mike and Maria sit down and eat the eggs and hash browns.)

Janet: Let me serve the two of you something to drink.

Maria: Thank you, Mom. There's orange juice in the fridge, and cups are in top drawer above the sink.

(Janet serves Mike and Maria two cups of sweet and delicious orange juice.)

Mike: Thank you, Janet, for the food and drink. You too, Maria. Thank you, honey.

(Maria smiles, and so does Janet.) Janet: You are very welcome, Mike. I hope this makes up for the trouble I have been causing you two.

Mike: Trouble? No trouble at all, Janet.