34. Eating at a Pizzeria (A)


Maria's mother was leaving. Mike had bought an antique lamp for Maria's mother. Maria thought it was the sweetest thing Mike had ever done for her mother. Maria hugged her mom goodbye and wished her a safe trip home. "Take care of yourself, Maria," Janet said to her daughter. Janet looked at Mike and said, "Thank you for buying the lamp for me, Mike," she said with a smile. Mike told her you're welcome. Mike and Maria smiled and waved to Janet as she drove away.

The sun was still out. Mike asked Maria if she wanted to do anything. Maria said she was feeling kind of hungry. She had not eaten since the morning. Maria asked Mike if he would like to eat somewhere. Mike had not eaten since the morning also, but he was not so hungry for some reason. "What would you like to eat?" Mike asked Maria. "I feel like eating some pizza," Maria replied.

Mike agreed to take Maria out for some pizza. Pizza was one of Mike's favorite foods. He was always in the mood for pizza. Mike quickly rode away to the nearest pizzeria. It took him almost thirty minutes to do so. By the time Mike reached the pizzeria, Maria was starving. Mike had also gotten hungry. There was valet parking at the pizzeria. Mike pulled up to the front of the pizzeria and handed his key to the Valet.


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