34. Eating at a Pizzeria (B)

Valet: Hello sir. How are you doing tonight?

Mike: Fine, thank you. Here are the keys.

Valet: Thank you, sir.

Mike: Please don't slam the door too hard.

Valet: I'll be as gentle as a lamb. You need not to worry, sir.

Mike: Thank you.

(The valet drives off to park the car. Mike and Maria go inside the pizzeria.)

Waiter: Hello, how are you?

Mike: Good, thank you.

Waiter: How many are in your party? Just two?

Mike: Yes, just the two of us.

Waiter: Right this way. Please follow me.

(Mike and Maria are seated at a table for two.)

Waiter: What would you two like to drink this evening?

Mike: I'll have root beer.

Maria: Water for me, please.

Waiter: I'll be back in just a minute. Here are the menus.

(Mike and Maria are each handed a menu.)

Mike: What kind of pizza do you want to eat?

Maria: I'm in the mood for pineapple on my pizza. How about you?

Mike: Pineapple? That's disgusting.

Maria: Have you ever tried it?

Mike: I can't say that I have.

Maria: Then you should finally try it to see for yourself if you like it or not.

Mike: I don't know, Maria.

Maria: Come on. You made me try steak one time. Do you remember?

Mike: Alright. You make a good point. I guess I'll try it.

(Mike and Maria order a medium pineapple pizza. It's served fifteen minutes later, and Mike tastes it for the first time.)

Mike: Hey! This isn't so bad. I think I like it.

Maria: You see! I knew you would. Doesn't it taste sweet?

Mike: Thank you for making me try this, Maria. I never knew what I was missing.

Maria: You're welcome.