35. Going to the Santa Monica Pier (A)


It was a hot windy day in the city of Pasadena. Mike and Maria just began their summer break. They are out on a walk trying to cool off from the humidity. After a few blocks, Mike and Maria come across an ice cream parlor and decided to go in and buy a few scoops. Mike bought two scoops of coconut ice cream. Maria bought two scoops of mint chocolate chip ice cream.

After their walk, Mike and Maria headed back to their apartment. While inside, Maria was in the kitchen writing a list of things she wanted to do during their break. Mike sat down on their couch in the living room and began to watch television.

While Maria wrote down ideas, Mike gave her a few suggestions. Suddenly, Mike had the idea that it would be a nice day to make a trip to the beach. Maria agreed and thought it was a great way to start the summer as well.


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