35. Going to the Santa Monica Pier (B)


Maria: Which beach should we go to?
Mike: How about Santa Monica?
Maria: Alright, sounds good to me.
(Mike and Maria then prepare to go to the Santa Monica beach. After arriving at Santa Monica, Mike and Maria first look for a place to park, and then decide to walk along the shore barefoot. After walking along the shore, Maria takes notice of the pier.)
Maria: Hey, Mike. Want to go and take a walk on the pier?
Mike: Sure. It's been a while since I've last visited Santa Monica.
Maria: Same here.
(Mike and Maria head over to where the pier is located. On the pier, Mike and Maria look at the little shops and restaurants located along the pier.)
Maria: I have never eaten at Bubba Gump Shrimp.
Mike: Me neither. What to go in and try it out now?
Maria: Sure. Looks good!
(Mike and Maria enter the restaurant, sit at a table, and are given the restaurant's menu; they begin to look through it.)
Mike: Everything looks so good. I'm a bit undecided.
Maria: Same here!
(Mike and Maria take a moment to look through the menu. Then, their waiter arrives.)
Waiter: Hi, welcome to the Bubba Gump Shrimp! Are you two ready to take your order?

Mike: Yes. I'll have the shrimp cocktail.
Waiter: And what about you?
Maria: I think I'll settle for the seafood pasta.
Waiter: Any drinks?
Mike: I'll have Coca-Cola.
Maria: I'll just have some water.
Waiter: Is that all?
(Mike and Maria glance at each other and both respond with a yes.)
Waiter: Alright, your meal will arrive shortly.
(After Mike and Maria have their meal, they exit the restaurant, and continue to walk along the pier. As they walk, Maria notices an artist painting the portrait of an elderly couple. Mike and Maria walk over and take a closer look at the artist's work.)
Maria: Wow. He is very talented.
Mike: Yeah, he definitely is. The painting looks just like them.
(Mike and Maria look at the artist at work for a few more minutes. Then they continue to walk along the pier. Mike notices a few fishermen fishing along the edge of the pier.)
Mike: Hey, Maria. How about we try fishing sometime this week here on the pier?
Maria: Sounds like a great idea! Another thing to add on my list!
Mike: It'll be great.
Maria: I have never fished before.
Mike: I have. Don't worry. Leave it to me. I'll show you what to do.
Maria: Alright. I can't wait.
Mike: Me neither.


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