44. Maria's Childhood Friend (A)


A few weeks ago, Maria had met up with a childhood friend. Maria ran into her at the store. Her name was Mary. Mary and Maria had attended high school together. The two were inseparable back in those days. After high school, Maria and Mary went their own separate ways. Maria worked for a couple of years, and then decided to go to college. Mary pursued a career in writing.

Maria regretted not keeping touch with her best friend after high school. She was thrilled to see her when she ran into her at the store. Mary recognized Maria as soon as she saw her waiting in line for the register. The two shared a bit of small talk, and decided to get together soon. They exchanged cell phone numbers and said goodbye. Weeks had passed by and Maria had not found the time to call Mary. Maria one day decided to call Mary. She had finally found the time to do so. Maria dialed her number. Mary answered the phone.

"Hello," Mary answered. "Mary, it's Maria calling. Want to have lunch together this afternoon?" Maria said, "Sure! I don't see why not?" Mary replied. Maria and Mary agreed to meet up at a sandwich shop at two o'clock. Maria looked forward to talking to her old friend once more. Mike was lounging in the living room watching the local news. Mike noticed Maria getting ready to leave soon. "Where are you going?" he causally asked. "I'm going out with a friend," she replied. "This better not be a guy," he jokingly said.

Maria told him not to worry, that it was an old girlfriend from high school. Maria grabbed her bag and said goodbye to Mike. "I'll be back in a couple of hours," she said to Mike and kissed him good-bye. She drove her car a few miles away to the sandwich shop. She sat down at a table and waited for Mary to arrive. A few minutes later, Mary walked in through the door and spotted Maria sitting down. She walked over to her.


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