43. Going to a Baseball Game (B)

Maria: Are you hungry, Mike? Because I could sure go for some food right now.

Mike: Now that you mention it, I am kind of hungry, too. Do you want me to go and get something from the food stands?

Maria: I was actually going to ask you the very same thing. Can I go instead, Mike?

Mike: Are you sure, Maria? I think I should go. What if you get lost?

Maria: If I get lost, I'll just ask for directions. You worry too much about me, Mike. I'm not a child.

Mike: I know you're not. Can you blame me for worrying about you?

Maria: No, I guess not. But I really want to go. I'll be back soon.

Mike: Alright, I can't stop you. Just be careful.

Maria: Tell me what you want before I go.

Mike: Get me a Dodger Dog and a pretzel.

Maria: Do you want something to drink, too?

Mike: Oh, that's right. Get me a bottle of water, please.

Maria: Alright. I'll see you in a tiny bit.

(Maria slowly makes her way to the food stands where there is a long line. After waiting for twenty minutes, she gets the food and returns to her seat.)

Mike: You made it just in time, Maria. What took you so long?

Maria: Sorry, there was a long line at the food stand. Here's your food.

Mike: Thanks, honey. Let's watch this baseball game now.

Maria: I'm so excited to be here, Mike! This was a great idea.

(Mike, Maria, and fifty-five thousand other people have a blast watching the baseball game.)