43. Going to a Baseball Game (A)


Mike was sitting at home with Maria one Saturday afternoon. The two of them were feeling bored. The television was on in front of them, but there wasn't anything interesting to watch. Suddenly a commercial began to play. "Come this Saturday evening to watch the Los Angeles Dodgers play against their rivals," the voice in the commercial said. "Are you thinking what I'm thinking," Mike asked Maria. "Let's go to the baseball game tonight?" Maria asked. Mike smiled and nodded his head.

Mike had never gone to a baseball game and neither had Maria. Baseball is known as America's favorite pastime. Mike liked watching baseball on television from time to time. He had always wanted to go to a stadium to witness a game firsthand. He had heard from his co-workers that it was a lot fun going to a baseball game. Although Maria did not like watching sports as much as Mike did, she was still excited about going to a stadium to watch a baseball game. She was curious about how much tickets were, so she asked Mike the question.

"Are baseball tickets expensive, Mike?" she asked. "They're not cheap unfortunately," Mike answered. Mike then told her not to worry because he had been saving money for an occasion such as this one. As the day progressed, Mike and Maria did some chores around the house, and changed into their clothes for the night. The baseball game would start in a few hours. Mike and Maria had to leave early to buy the tickets.

They soon took off to the stadium. The line was long when they got to the stands where they sold tickets. Mike and Maria got in line and waited for nearly one hour before they bought their tickets. After they bought their tickets, they went inside the stadium and went to their seats. Their seats were rather close to the baseball field. Mike thought they had the best seats in the stadium. The game didn't start for another thirty minutes.


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