42. Going Bowling (B)


Employee: Hi! Welcome to Lucky Strikes. How are you doing today?
Mike: Fine, thank you. Can we please get two rounds of bowling.
Employee: Alright. How many lanes do you guys want?
Mike: Just one is fine.
Employee: Alright, one lane. Can you please give me your shoe sizes.
Mike: I'm ten and a half.
Maria: I'm size nine.
Doug: I'm a size twelve.
Employee: Thank you very much. Here are your bowling shoes. Your lane is lane number nine. Just over there. Have fun and play safe.
(Mike, Doug, and Maria walk to their lane and put on their bowling shoes.)
Mike: Are you guys ready to bowl?
Maria: Don't we have to put our names on the computer first?
Mike: You're right, Maria. How can I forget? I'll just put my regular name.
Maria: You can just put my regular name as well.

Mike: What about you, Doug? Do you want me to put just Doug?
Doug: No, I want a funny name for mine. Type Big Doug.
Mike: I don't think it fits that many letter.
Doug: Fine, just put my regular name.
(Mike, Doug, and Maria play their first round and Mike wins the game.)
Maria: Wow, I didn't know you were such a good bowler, Mike.
Doug: Yea, me neither. When did you become such a good bowler, Mike?
Mike: I don't know. I've always just played casually. I think it might just be good luck.
Doug: We have one more round to play. Let's find out if that's true or not.
Maria: These bowling balls are kind of heavy.
Mike: There are smaller ones over here, Maria.
Maria: Oh, I didn't see then.
(Mike, Doug, and Maria play their last round. Mike wins again. The night ends in laughter.)


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