42. Going Bowling (A)

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Mike, Doug, and Maria were on their way to go bowling. There was a big bowling alley that Mike had heard about in Pasadena. It was called Lucky Strike. Mike mentioned it to Maria and Doug. They both had no objections to the idea and agreed to go.

Doug asked if the bowling alley also served food. "I'm not sure if they do, Doug," Mike answered. Doug was feeling kind of hungry. "I guess we're just going to have to find out when we get there," Doug said. The bowling alley wasn't too far away from home. Mike, Doug, and Maria arrived shortly. Since it was a weekday, not too many people were at the bowling alley. Mike could tell by the parking lot that this was true. It was almost vacant of any cars. "I think we came at a good time, guys," Mike said to Maria and Doug.

They parked near the bowling alley entrance and exited the car. Judging from the outside, the bowling alley seemed like it was not such a big place. Doug noticed this and made a comment. "Are you sure this is a bowling alley? It looks more like a small market to me," Doug said. "Let's wait until we get inside," Mike responded. "This place has me curious, too."

They walked in through the doors. Doug and Maria were especially surprised at how much bigger the inside of the building looked compared to the outside. Doug was almost in disbelief. "Wow! You were not kidding, Mike," he said, looking around the large building. Maria told Mike that she had to use the restroom. Mike noticed the sign and pointed her in the right direction. Doug repeated that he was still hungry, so Mike motioned to the vending machine he could see near the restroom sign. Doug went to the vending machine and bought some peanuts. Lucky Strike also served food, but that could wait until after the trio had played. As soon as Maria and Doug returned, the three went up to the counter to buy their rounds of bowling.

42. Going Bowling (B)