41. Stranded at School (B)

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Mike: Maria?

Maria: Hey Mike. You are never going to believe what just happened to me.

Mike: You won the lottery?

Maria: No, not that. It's something bad.

Mike: Oh no, Maria. Are you alright?

Maria: Yes, I'm fine. It's my car, Mike. It finally broke down on me. I'm stranded here at school.

Mike: Are you serious? Did you try turning it on?

Maria: Of course, I did! How else do you think I found out it doesn't work? Listen, can you pick me up right now?

Mike: Alright, I'll leave work early. Let me just tell my boss.

Maria: Mike, what about the car? I can't just leave it here. It'll get towed.

Mike: I have an idea! I'll bring Doug along with me to pick you up.

Maria: How is bringing Doug going to help the situation?

Mike: He's knowledgeable about cars. He'll know what to do.

Maria: Alright. I hope you're right. I'll be here waiting. Try not to take so long, please!

Mike: Alright, honey. Just sit tight. We'll be there before you know it.

(Thirty minutes later, Mike and Doug arrive at Maria's location. Doug takes a look at the car and fixes it.)

Mike: You see, Maria. I told you Doug would help.

Maria: Wow, you were right. Thank you, Doug. I didn't know you knew how to fix cars.

Doug: Don't mention it, Maria. Ever since I was a teenager, I've fixed cars.

Mike: Thanks, Doug. You're a life saver. Why don't the three of us go bowling to celebrate?

Maria: Alright.

Doug: Sure.