41. Stranded at School (A)

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Maria was at her university attending a class. She was studying history, a subject she loved. Maria drove her car to school, but the car she owned was pretty old. It had been her first and only car. Mike constantly told her to get a new one like his, but Maria refused to replace it. The car had sentimental value. It was a gift from her parents when she graduated from high school. Maria's class had just ended, so she would soon be headed back to that car and on her way back home to Mike.

To get to her car, Maria had to walk to the parking structure of her college. Maria paid for parking every semester, and it wasn't cheap - even for an old car like hers. Unfortunately, Maria's car would have to wait a little longer for her today. Maria needed to stay after class to talk to her classmates about an assignment. She then approached the professor to ask him a question. "Professor, when exactly is this next assignment due?" she asked. "It is due next week on Monday," he answered. Maria thanked her professor, wished him well, and thought about the quiet time she would need at home to finish it.

Now Maria's school was quite large, but she had grown accustomed to walking up and down its many stairs and hills. She would have to keep on walking them because she needed one more year to finish. Maria planned to take a short break after graduation and work before she went on to complete her advanced degree. Maria walked along the pathway of her school with the sun blaring above. She was working up quite a sweat! Maria thought about how great it would be to go home and take a nice, cool bath.

After ten minutes of walking, she reached the parking structure and found her car. She unlocked her car and tried to start the engine. The car wouldn't start. She tried turning the key again. It still wouldn't start. It looked like that cool bath was going to have to wait! She found herself stranded at school! It seemed her only choice was to call Mike and ask him to pick her up. She grabbed the cell phone from inside her backpack and dialed Mike's number. Luckily, Mike answered right away.

41. Stranded at School (B)