40. Cooking Healthy at Home (B)

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Maria: It's almost ready. Just give it fifteen more minutes. What did you want to eat instead?

Mike: I was craving a cheeseburger and fries. I'm sorry, Maria. It was nothing personal. It's just hard to get adjusted to eating healthy.

Maria: I understand, Mike. You don't have to be sorry. If you want, you can go have your cheeseburger. I won't stop you.

Mike: No, Maria. You already said you need someone to help you do this. I'm your boyfriend, and I should support you no matter what.

Maria: Thank you, Mike. That really means a lot. I promise you this meal I'm preparing will be better than any cheeseburger you have ever had.

Mike: It sure smells good. I hope you're right about that.

Maria: You know, if you want, you can help me cook.

Mike: Are you sure?

Maria: Yeah! I'll tell you what you need to do.

(Mike gets up from his seat and stands next to Maria.)

Maria: Here. Cut these vegetables in halves. Use this knife and cutting board to do it. It's easy; just watch me.

(Maria cuts a few carrots to demonstrate how. Then she hands it over to Mike who gives it a try.)

Mike: Like this, Maria?

(Mike carefully cuts carrots.)

Maria: Yeah, just like that, honey. While you do that, I'll put on some water to boil.

Mike: Is the grilled chicken ready yet?

Maria: Yes, but you can see that I still need to boil the vegetables.

(Mike finishes cutting the carrots and Maria starts to boil them. Ten minutes later, the vegetables finish boiling and Maria serves the food.)

Maria: Alright. Dig in, and tell me what you think.

(Mike takes a bite of the grilled chicken and vegetables.)

Mike: It's not that bad. I think I like it, honey. Thank you.

Maria: I hope you really mean it. Because this is the kind of food we should be eating more often.

Mike: I think I just need to adjust to eating like this every day for me to truly enjoy it. It might take some time though. A cheeseburger isn't so easy to forget!