40. Cooking Healthy at Home (A)

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Mike and Maria had started exercising a week ago. As part of their plan to lose weight, they decided to start eating at home more often. That meant no eating out more than once a week. Maria came up with this idea and was fully committed to see it through. Mike was not as motivated as Maria was, but he went along for the ride because he loved her.

Mike and Maria usually ate out on weekends, but this weekend was going to be different. Maria had gone to the supermarket and bought healthy food to cook at home. Tonight, she was making grilled chicken with vegetables. Mike was in the mood for eating something else but was hesitant to tell Maria. He did not want to ruin Maria's dinner plans to cook at home. He decided to secretly step out of the apartment for fifteen minutes to go out and buy the food he was craving.

He peeked into the kitchen and saw Maria preparing the vegetables. Mike was hiding behind a wall, but Maria somehow felt his eyes on her. "Mike, are you spying on me? What are you up to?" she asked. "Nothing!" he answered. "I just wanted to see if you were still in the kitchen." Somehow Maria knew that wasn't the truth.

"You were trying to sneak off, weren't you? You want to go eat out, don't you?" she asked. Mike could not lie to Maria. He confessed his intentions and apologized. "Mike, I need you to do this with me," Maria said to him. Mike agreed to change his diet and sat down to wait for the home-cooked meal.

40. Cooking Healthy at Home (B)