39. Going to the Gym (B)


Trainer: Good morning. What can I do for you two today?
Maria: We would like to buy a membership.
Trainer: Alright. A gym membership just for two people?
Maria: Yes, please and thank you.
Trainer: Would you like to get a trainer to help you reach your personal health goals as well?
Mike: No thank you. We'll just get the membership for right now.
Maria: Maybe later on.
Trainer: Alright, not a problem. Please fill out these forms and we'll get you two started in no time.
(Mike and Maria filled out the proper forms and paid for one-year membership.)
Mike: Are you sure you're ready to make this commitment, Maria? We're signing a contract for one year.
Maria: Yes Mike. I want to start exercising.
Mike: I hope you don't change your mind.
(Mike and Maria turned in the forms and received their membership.)

Trainer: Thank you very much. You two are now welcome to use the equipment any time.
Maria: Let's go run on treadmills.
Mike: Alright, let's do this.
Maria: We'll run for fifteen minutes as a warm-up.
Mike: I'll follow your lead.
(Mike and Maria run for fifteen minutes. They step off the machine both sweating and gasping for air.)
Mike: I can't breathe, Maria!
Maria: Don't be a wimp. Hang in there, we're just getting started.
Mike: Can we just a take a break for ten minutes. I can't remember the last time I ran for that long.
Maria: Alright, we'll take a break. But just for ten minutes. After, we'll start working out our upper bodies.
Mike: How many days are we going to do this for?
Maria: At least three times a week.
Mike: I hope I don't collapse.


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