39. Going to the Gym (A)

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Maria had always been a fairly skinny girl and liked it that way, and Mike was of average weight. Lately, Maria was beginning to worry that maybe she wasn't so skinny anymore. It all started when Maria went to the restroom and looked at herself in the mirror. She looked down at her stomach and felt a little self-conscious of how it looked. She rubbed her belly with her hands and thought that it had grown a bit bigger. She needed a second opinion. "Mike! Can you please come to the restroom?" she called. Mike walked in after a few minutes with a can of soda in his hand. "What is it, Maria?" he asked.

Maria turned her body towards him and lifted her shirt to reveal her stomach. "Be honest. Do you think I've gained weight?" she asked sincerely. Mike widened his eyes and hesitated to respond right away. His hesitation caused Maria even more concern. "Maria, you look perfectly fine to me," he said after a few seconds. Maria was not satisfied with his answer. "Why did you take so long to answer the question?" she asked. Mike told her that the question had simply caught him off guard. Maria then told Mike of her concern about her weight.

"Mike, I think we need to start going to a gym to exercise," Maria said. Mike looked down at his body and realized going to gym wasn't a bad idea, but he still wasn't convinced. "Alright, maybe we're not in the best shape of our lives. But at least we're happy. I mean, I'm happy," Mike said to Maria.

Maria then lectured Mike on the importance of health and longevity. Mike agreed to start going to a gym after Maria's lecture. The next day, Mike and Maria left bright and early to a local gym to buy a membership. They entered the gym and were greeted by a personal trainer.

39. Going to the Gym (B)