38. Celebrating Halloween (B)

Mike: Maria, let's go out and buy candy and costumes.

Maria: Okay, but first we need to have breakfast.

Mike: Alright. What should we have?

Maria: I feel like having French toast with bacon and scrambled eggs.

Mike: That sounds good. Let's have that.

Maria: Alright. I'll start cooking.

Mike: In the meantime, I'll work on carving another jack-o'-lantern. I would like to put another beside our front door.

Maria: That'll make two. Good idea.

(After a few minutes, Mike finishes the jack-o'-lantern, and Maria has breakfast ready to eat.)

Mike: Smells good!

Maria: Thank you.

(Mike and Maria begin to eat. After finishing, Mike picks up their plates and washes their dishes.)

Maria: Mike, do you know what you want to dress up as for this year's costume?

Mike: I can't decide between being a scary pirate or a scary werewolf.

Maria: Be a werewolf. It'll be scarier.

Mike: Alright. I will be a werewolf. What about you? Have you decided?

Maria: It's between being a witch or a vampire.

Mike: Then be a witch. You don't seem like the blood-sucking type.

(Maria laughs.)

Maria: But I do seem like a witch? Okay. Sounds good.

Mike: Let's get ready to go to the Halloween Club store.

Maria: Alright.

(As soon as Mike and Maria are ready, they head out the door and drive to the Halloween Club store. Once they arrive, Mike and Maria enter the store.)

Maria: Look at all these things. Halloween is such a big holiday.

Mike: Yeah. I love Halloween so much!

Maria: What is your favorite part about Halloween?

Mike: All of the costumes and the fun decorations.

Maria: What about the candy? I thought that was your favorite part?

(It's Mike's turn to laugh.)

Mike: I do love the candy. Having it on Halloween is something you must do.

(Maria laughs again.)

Maria: Alright. Let's find the costume section.

Mike: All I need to do is find a werewolf mask.

Maria: I need green face-paint and a witch hat. I have a black dress I can use back at the apartment.

(Mike and Maria look around and find the costume section. Then they split up and begin looking through the costumes.)

Mike: Hey, Maria! I found a witch hat you can use.

Maria: Perfect! I found my face paint. Have you found your mask yet?

Mike: Nope. Not yet.

Maria: Maybe we should ask at the front counter.

Mike: Good idea.

(Mike and Maria walk up to an employee working at the front counter of the store.)

Mike: Hello. I am looking for a werewolf mask. Do you have any available?

Employee: Let me check the back room for you. Give me a few minutes.

(After a few minutes, the employee returns with the mask.)

Employee: Here you go. You're in luck. That was the last one.

Mike: Thank you very much.

Employee: No problem. If you need anything else, just ask.

Mike: Sure thing.

Maria: Now all we need to do is to buy some candy.

Mike: What kind of candy should we get?

Maria: A variety of candy. We should get chocolate candy, sour candy, and chewy gummy candy.

Mike: Okay. Let's go.

(Mike and Maria enjoy spending the rest of the day decorating their apartment for their trick-or-treaters.)